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and Guidelines

All Players & Parents must agree to the following Rules & Guidelines prior to Registration.

*We wish to stress that all families and players take ownership and monitor their own health situations and those of people with whom they are in contact and not attend practice if there is any doubt of illness or coming in contact with anyone who is ill. Be honest if you or a family member is sick, and stay home.*



  • When practicing, if distance is kept, players may play without a mask but should have one available if necessary.


We ask that parents talk with their players prior to practice about being mindful of all players’ and coaches' personal space while at practices. Be respectful of each individual and his/her comfort with social distancing and physical contact.

As we’re all adjusting to our guidelines in a way that will both benefit us and keep us all safe in the sport we all love, it’s imperative that players and parents respect these rules. 

Coaches have the right at any time to make adjustments and decisions to best benefit the group as a whole based on local and federal guidelines, new information, and how we believe we are progressing.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

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