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The Lift program has been such a positive force in my daughter's life. The whole person approach is a rarity in sports. The Lift program has not only taught my daughter the skills necessary to play high school field hockey, but it has helped her develop leadership skills and a positive sense of self. The coaches are unique. They empower the girls to do their best. They are cohesive in their approach, each carrying through the mission of the program.

Two pivotal moments stick out in my mind.  First,  the the day she opened a card mailed to our home describing how proud the coaches were of her-her playing and of her as a person. All the coaches had written something. The second being the day when the head coach excused herself from a conversation she was in,  just to catch my daughter as she passed by. She told our daughter what a great job she had done in stepping up her play during a tournament. My daughter is an average player but at that moment she felt like an important, effective player -  someone who mattered. It changed her. She wanted to make the coaches proud each day. Thank you Lift.  

              - Patti Hughes, Daughter Anna (Class of 2018)

You have no idea how much my daughter enjoys attending your practices and interacting with LIFT coaches and players. LIFT provides such a nurturing environment, that allows the most reluctant of players to blossom and advance. You should be proud of the amazing work you do with the kids.  She loves playing in a stress free environment and has grown in her game and confidence while attending LIFT practices. 


Both of us were touched by your kindness, generosity, and free spirit. What wonderful role models you are! We are rooting for LIFT to grow and succeed! Thank you so much for the wonderful playing opportunity you gave my daughter! And, thank you so much for the great and selfless work you do with the girls.

                  - Annonymous LIFT Parent 

I played field hockey when I was younger and I thought I was so lucky when I found a local field hockey club that welcomed new players so my daughter could experience the same fun I did. But I had no idea how lucky we really were! Each encounter I have with the LIFT coaches, players, and support staff make me believe that this luck will never run out. LIFT came along at just the right moment for our daughter who is an enthusiastic player but not an athlete that thrives in a strict competitive environment. The LIFT coaches have the ability to reads kids personalities and emphasize individual strengths making even the most inexperienced player feel as though they are a valuable member of the team. During practices and games the coaches are positive and engaging while encouraging strong field hockey skills and teamwork. After each practice or game my daughter walks away with a new skill, sometimes it's a stick skill or team interaction and sometimes it's a broader life lesson that my daughter isn't even aware she has experienced. Thank you LIFT, you have given us value greater than stick skills and team spirit; we are truly lucky!

              - Karyn Lemanczyk, Daughter Leslie (Class of 2023)

LIFT field hockey is truly an amazing and unique program.  Participants are taught field hockey skills by very dedicated, experienced and excellent coaches, who utilize positive coaching techniques.  The LIFT field hockey program allows each athlete to develop their game skills in a very individualized manner.  LIFT participants are taught important life skills and values and are provided with rewarding opportunities to perform community service with their teammates, coaches, and families.  We are extremely happy to have been a part of the LIFT field hockey program since its beginning!

           -Dr. William & Bobbi MacDonald, Daughter Katie (Class of 2018)

LIFT field hockey has changed my life in so many ways. The bonds I have created in this club will not only last a lifetime but have built me a family within a field hockey team. Not only do I consider Coach Morgan and Coach Lauren my second parents, but they also have and will always be my role models. Their hard work and dedication have been proven throughout this program through the countless hours spent constructing schedules around my teammates and my plans, finding tournaments, and organizing scrimmages. Not only have they prepared me to play at a higher level, but they have also mentally prepared me in so many ways. The fact that they have constantly reassured me of my skills, and have had excitement, enthusiasm, and encouraging words has allowed me to play motivated and stay motivated through all five years of my play. They have prepared me to be a fantastic player on and off the field, and I will forever be thankful. LIFT's enthusiasm for my field hockey career has motivated me to play on the collegiate level and use all the skills I've learned in my everyday life. 

              - Maille Rose Fox, Class of 2023

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