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Our Unique Approach

LIFT Field Hockey is a great way to learn and improve field hockey skills - but it's not just that! With intentional focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and other aspects of being a part of a team, girls will be encouraged to find their own leadership style, challenge themselves to progress in various fitness activities, and meet new friends. Each season at LIFT FH will also include a local volunteer activity. These will range from helping kids and adults at community events to planning events that raise awareness and funds for other local and national non profit organizations. 

At LIFT FH, we believe that girls get much more than skills and exercise from sports. We believe that the camaraderie gained can create confidence, self esteem, and lifelong friendships. Our philosophy will LIFT young girls' confidence, skill, leadership, and more!

What is LIFT FH?

LIFT Field Hockey is an opportunity for girls in K5 - 12th grades to play field hockey year-round in a friendly and focused atmosphere. Lauren Bailey and Morgan Oldenburg founded LIFT on the belief that everyone who wants to play should be able to come and have fun, feel a part of a team, learn sportsmanship and teamwork, and grow as a player as well as an individual.

Why the name "LIFT"?

Seeing the need for an inclusive program that focuses on the all around player, Morgan and Lauren formed LIFT in the hopes of LIFTing the spirits, confidence, and field hockey skills of everyone who comes in contact with our program. The word LIFT itself exudes positivity and hope, and we want that feeling to eminate from our sessions, our volunteer activities, and our players' thoughts on our program.

The compass and our tagline “the right direction” represent players’ growth in both mental and physical aspects of the game.

Why should you join us?

Join us whether you love field hockey already or have never held a stick. Join us because you want to try something new or improve your game. Most of all, join us because you want to and because you want to be a part of the LIFT team! Our passion & dedication will make your experience great.

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