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Narwhal Games

Middle & Elementary School Fall Tournament 
Sunday, October 9th 
Hart Park
10:30am - 2:00pm



LIFT is excited to host the 6th Narwhal Games on Sunday, October 9th, 2022!

This annual event grows the game for U10, U12 & U14 school and club teams.

Join us for a day of fun, fast 5v5 and 7v7 play! 

If your school or club is bringing multiple teams, Registration and payment must be completed for each individual 7v7 team. Each team may roster up to 10 players. 

Fee per team: $350

Please pay via Venmo @LIFT-FieldHockey

or check sent to LIFT Field Hockey: 8233 Chestnut Street Wauwatosa, WI 53213.



All games will be played width-wise on field turf surface. 

Fields will be approx. 50-60 yards x 30-40 yards. Field 1 is closest to the entrance to the stadium.

All Games will be 27 minutes with a 3-minute halftime on a central running clock.

Points will be kept and champions will be awarded in the U10/12 and U12/U14 divisions.

Teams will receive 3 pts for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 1 point per goal up to 3 goals. 

All players will be U14 or younger as of Jan 1, 2022. 

All participating players must register online and check in at host tent before entering the field of play.


All games may be played 7v7 (6 field players and a GK) or 5v5 (4 field players and a GK).

Teams without a GK may choose to add an extra field player *or* play the same number of field players with cones in the corners of the goals indicating the opposing team must score between cones and posts or lift the ball (any ball that crosses the goal line in the air will count as a goal). 


Short corners in games with goalkeepers will be played with 3 defenders and a goalkeeper back on defense. All other players from defending team will go to top of opposite circle.

Circles will be marked with rubber pieces on the turf.

Attacking 25-yard hits will be taken from half field.

Attacking hits from anywhere within the attacking half: ball must travel 5 yards or be touched by an opposing player before entering the circle.

Time outs will be granted only for injury during play and may not be called by coaches.

Substitutions will be rolling from the half-field mark, with player leaving the playing field before her sub enters.

Mouthguard, shinguards and all proper goalkeeper equipment are mandatory.

All teams are responsible for first aid kits and injury ice for their team(s).

Athletic trainer will be on site in case of injuries.


Teams listed first on the schedule will wear white jerseys and socks and start with the ball in the first half.

Teams are responsible for pinnies or jersey changes should color conflicts arise.

All teams are responsible for cleaning their own area and leaving the turf and stadium area clean upon leaving.


In the event of inclement and unsafe weather, all teams will be notified by 8:30am.

We will play unless there is lightning reported or seen. 

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